Swedish Equestrian Federation

Gold team at WEG Herning.

Foto: Roland Thunholm

The Swedish Equestrian Federation joins together around 840 riding clubs and more than 150 000 members. We aim to be a world-leading equestrian federation where we together seek to be the very best in the world, for everyone, regardless of level. Swedish riders are super successful with recent achievements including triumphs such as Olympic gold and silver 2021, double gold at the 2022 World championships and a 2023 world cup win.

Equestrian sports is one of the most popular sports in Sweden, being the second largest sport after soccer among young people. With a population of only 10 million people, Sweden manages to have top atheletes in all disciplines and also breed top horses.

The first equestrian body in Sweden was founded in 1912 in conjunction with the Olympic Games in Stockholm. In 1993 four equestrian organisations merged into what is now the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

Around 840 riding clubs are affiliated to the federation. Half of them run riding schools which are open to anyone in the public who wants to take riding lessons.

Our instructors are educated at the national riding school in Strömsholm, 100 kilometers outside Stockholm. The Swedish Equestrian Federation also has its headquarters in Strömsholm.


Address: Ridsportens Hus, S-734 94 Stromsholm, SWEDEN
Visiting address: Herrskogsvagen 2, Stromsholm
Telephone: +46 220 456 00
Fax: +46 220 456 70, +46 220 456 41

Sandra Ruuda, President

Gisela Löfstrand, acting Secretary General and Operations Manager Riding Clubs/Riding Schools Department
+46 220 456 39

Andrea Barth, Operations Manager Sports Department
+46 220 456 28

Eleonor Otterdahl, Head of Communications & Marketing
+46 220 456 76 Länk till annan webbplats.